ForSight Films founder Janeen M. Levin left more than a decade of success in the world of Internet production to try her hand at film production. She has assembled a team of professionals from every aspect of filmmaking to produce the best possible quality films.

Janeen M. Levin's production career originated when she worked as a higher-education administrator, and then quickly transitioned into Internet and technology development. She spent 13 years producing educational programs, corporate Web sites, innovative Web-based software, integrated corporate Web solutions and extreme sports events that were broadcast on the Internet. Ms. Levin was a founding member of a number of technology-based companies. She served as a key member on teams involved in raising capital -including seed money, bridge funds and ongoing operating funds. One of those companies was sold to Microsoft.

To reintegrate creativity into her career, she leapt from technology production to film production in early 2006. Her beginnings were humble - working at a production office as an intern and learning the ins-and-outs of the business end of the film industry. She has also worked on several film sets in various capacities, enabling her to experience and understand the physical aspects of creating a film, while learning about the roles of all the other crew members.

Ms. Levin is a Los Angeles native. She received her Master's of Business Administration in 1994 in entrepreneurship. She completed her bachelor's degree in communication studies in 1991. The requirements for the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) were completed in 2002, and she continues to maintain her certification. Ms. Levin is an accomplished visual artist whose works have been exhibited at art shows for years. The media she works in includes collage, photography, drawing, painting and digital design.